Monday, November 22, 2010

Guess what I did this weekend...

  1. Paint

  2. Paint

  3. Paint

  4. Paint
If you guessed Paint, you would be correct.

I did also go out with my wimmins on Friday night to celebrate someone's 40th birthday (not mine - ok, sort of mine too since 2 of said wimmins will not be able to return for my birthday next month). It was all fun and games until the birthday girl fell off the bull and bumped her head (this time I really mean it when I say - not me.). Alas, it was time for me to get home anyway. I had an early morning of home stores to spend my last paycheck.

I suppose we are closer to getting the house on the market but it feels like it will NEVER BE DONE. Never, ever. No really, there will always be another piece of trim to paint or put another coat on. The painting. It is going to kill me.

I am choosing to believe the Stadium Red is done. Almost done with the Arabian Sands. Have not started the Mushroom Bisque or the Pale Honey. I have just finished one can of bright white semi-gloss on the trim. I have not even begun in the bedrooms yet.

We are also replacing the floor in the foyer. The original wood floor was damaged one summer when we were out of town camping and came back to find the upstairs toilet leaked. That was oh, about 3 years ago. We are FINALLY replacing it. And the new floor is about 1/2 way in. So yay! for that.

We also are waiting on a contractor to put up some drywall around the two new doors we had put in last winter. What? You don't live with studs and insulation just hanging out in your kitchen for a year? What kind of people are you? I lived without walls in the stairwell for YEARS people. YEARS!

We may have different standards, you and I.

So, does anyone have an urge to paint? I might be able to help you out if that's the case.

Monday, November 15, 2010


So much is happening right now. Life is CRAZY in an all caps kind of way. Luckily, most of it is good.

As you may have surmised from previous posts, we are planning on putting our house on the market. We are hopping to sell in time to put an offer in on a house about 2 miles away. It's a move from the village to a country setting. As much as I've said I don't want to live in the country, I suddenly want to. Hopefully, it's not just the fact that I'm overloaded with socialization. With the constant sports since March I've been a bit burned out. I love the social season but I also love my winter hibernating. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like it's going to happen this year. Tyler joined the ski team. Ugh! Not only will I have to attend meets? races? whatever they're called, I will have to stand in the cold and they are all at least 30 minutes away.

If you're my friend on Facebook you hopefully saw the video of the talent show. Dylan and his band played a song he wrote. The 3 guitarists are all 12 and in 7th grade, the drummer is 13 and in 8th grade. I was mightily impressed. I see this as the beginning of a lifetime of concerts in my future. I may try to post it here later. I'm so proud.

Another thing I'm insanely proud of is the amount of work Alex and Tyler have put into getting the house ready. They have done everything I've asked and I haven't had to threaten or cajole or anything. They have been heaven-sent. Also, it is nice to have the extra muscle around. I haven't had to move anything more than a can of paint.

Oh, and thanks for voting. I went with Mushroom bisque for our bedroom. I think it will give the room a fresh but warm and cozy feel.

I suppose that's all for now. Have a million things to do!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New experience as a parent

I just realized in my almost 16 years of parenting, last night was my first time staying up all night with a puking kid.

Today was my first time cleaning up an entire gallon of paint off the floor.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Need Your HELP! Please! Help me!

Look I'm back. And you can see the thing that drove me back here was I need advice. So basically, I'm back to get you to work for me.

Here's the deal...

We have decided to put our house on the market. This involves quite a bit of sprucing up. And sprucing up is code for painting. Now I love to choose paint colors. I love color. BUT! I have found that most people do not love the same colors that I love.  This is where you come in. If you were to buy a house. One with a freshly painted master bedroom. What color would you hope it would be? Or what color would not completely turn you off?

Additional information:
  • Said room is large.

  • Said room has high ceilings.

  • Room has many tall windows.

  • Room has substantial white woodwork.
Need to know anything else?

Friday, April 2, 2010

My mind, in bullets so you don't get lost

So, things on my mind...
  • I love, love, love Old Navy's Dreamer jeans. I forgot how wonderful it is to wear jeans that don't gap in the back. In fact, I want to buy more and just toss out all my other pants.

  • I won - Thank you Cursingmama! - a copy of The Mayo Clinic Diet book & journal over at her review blog. I also started it even though it cautions to wait until a good time. The week before Easter is decidedly NOT a good time. As I have mentioned every single year on this blog, my favorite candy in all the world is only available at Easter. The first two weeks (the Lose It! portion) you are suppose to give up sugar. Hahahahaha. Yo, that shit is hard. I've done... ok. Not perfect but not nearly as bad as I would have been if I wasn't doing this. Also? I have to decided to eat as much candy as I want on Easter. For one day. I will be in a sugar coma. Then? I might extend the first 2 weeks for one more. We shall see.

  • As anyone who follows me on twitter already knows, I had my annual review yesterday at work and it has been decided I'm full of the awesome. As for a raise, extremely minimal merit raises are being offered up. I for one am glad to have a job. Not that we couldn't use the money but I'd rather have no one lose their job.

  • Found out a friend from high school is in the hospital with an infection around his heart... from twitter. Twitter FTW! (As for the other business on twitter. Suck it, don't suck it, I'm out of caring. Although, thanks for the entertainment.) As for my friend, I'm seriously worried. He is one of the kindest people I've ever met and we just reconnected. Get well Alan!
Child update for the related people and grandparents out there reading - non-related and non-grandparents, do not feel the need to read my annoying gushing. (I must gush when I can because usually I'm just complaining about them):
  • Alex played for the Varsity baseball team during a scrimmage the other day. He was not nervous. I was a wreck. He held his own though. It's his first year catching and he's doing great but has some stuff to work on. What? I don't know - see: not informed about sports. Still, the coaches seem to like him and he's getting the hang of it.

  • Tyler made the JV golf team. He's very excited and we are very proud. Now we need to invest in a membership for him at the local golf course.

  • The last parent-teacher conference ever for Dylan was the only one where the teacher had nothing negative to say. Only lovely words were spoken. And his grades are higher than they've ever been. Also, it has been agreed by all that Jr. High should be good for him. Apparently letting him almost flunk out last term worked. He's getting all his homework done at school now. Now if he would just let me cut his hair.

  • Zach. What to say about him. He's a bit sassy. A bit whiny. All brilliant and still adorable. Baseball starts next week.

  • The 3 youngest have all signed up for the mini-triathlon again.

  • Clearly none of these children are related to me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

This is for Carmi over at Written Inc. He does a thematic photo every week and this week I thought I'd hop in. The theme is What I Did On Vacation and he has a very similar photo posted. I just couldn't resist adding my version of "They don't always get along as peacefully as we'd like. They're bright, creative and engaged kids, so it's inevitable that they have their moments - with each other and with us. But sometimes, when the stars align, they manage to make our hearts melt." Yes, Carmi writes that beautifully. And yes, I totally stole his words there. Feel free to join in!