Monday, August 29, 2005

The Nightmare Never Ends...

Well, I'm behind on everything but I'm hoping to get back in regular touch again soon. How soon? Not so sure. Things are crazy and insane and I still don't have regular internet access. Also, my e-mail account through my web host is not working and I'm out of touch with EVERYONE!

Those of you who are sending me e-mail... the stuff through my netzero account - I get. I have no time to read most of it and I've deleted a lot of stuff I would normally read but I just can't do it right now.

In the fun category...
I just got back from Long Island with the kids. The family there is great and it was wonderful to see them all. They are too kind and generous. They not only put us up and fed us but arranged activities for me and the kids and financed it all. There was a baseball game, fishing, a wonderful lunch at the beach, and lots of pool time. Plus, I have a lovely blue pedicure. Heaven!

Must go and get on with the actual IMPORTANT things I must do on the internet....

Friday, August 19, 2005

Moving Forward

Things are coming along here at MoMMY's. I still have no regular internet access and I can't get my site to show the updates on Bloglines (and I can't seem to figure out why?) Also, I'm still having trouble getting my blogroll to show up. Another thing I have forgotten since I set the thing up.

Ah, so much to learn and re-learn.

In the meantime, I started working. Now I have tons to do and tons of research. Researching of books. I love books. I love researching books. I love buying books. All things I get to do now.

So, must get going. I'm off to do some research!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Still here...

Yes, I'm still here. Things are slowly getting back together. The horror of losing EVERYTHING is slowly losing it's death grip on my heart.

My biggest problem is no computer of my own and no internet access on a regular basis. More like an every other day thing. Only you, my internet friends can understand the HORROR of this. My family just keeps telling me I'm an addict (no kidding). I think they're planning an intervention.

Every time I set a single digit on a keyboard or mouse I'm accused of this addicton. DO YOU HEAR ME FAMILY? It is ANNOYING. And NOT productive. I have actual work to do on the computer. Most of which is not getting done because I must constantly answer to the accusations of addiction.

Also... thank you for allowing me to use your computers. Without them I would be shooting heroin because we all know the only substitution for internet access is a needle full of heroin. Okay, maybe the late hour and the lack of time to post to my blog is getting to me. I can't even keep up with the pills the doctor's prescribed, I'm certainly not going to shoot up.

Anyway, please stick around. I've been promised a computer soon and there are only 22 days left until school starts. I may have something worthwhile to post before the end of the year.

In the meantime, feel free to comment, suggest a topic, chat amongst yourselves. I'll be reading it all.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Still Working...

on fixing and updating and redoing my website.

The photos in the index don't lead to full/larger versions yet but at least the photos there represent photos I actually HAVE now.

I can't tell you how much just having something to work on is making me feel better. Just being able to be on the way to being up and running is a wonderful feeling.

On another note...

Has summer not gone on long enough yet? We still have FOUR WEEKS of summer left here. You can tell it is August. The children are trying to take each other apart and the squabbling has started climbing to the critical point. It is only a matter of time until the deaths start.

Not to worry, I'm not quite reading to kill the children. I'm taking the easy (read: not destined for jail) route of letting them play their Gamecube for hours on end while I work on my site. They however have started the attempts on each other's lives.

Summer rec is a God-send. Tennis lessons a blessing. No sports a welcomed break. But the fighting...

27 days of summer left.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Someone is Trying to Kill Me

Yes, it's true. Now I'm sure I've lost all of my readers. The millions that I had *cough, cough*. Okay, all six of you. But I'm finally back. With no header. No computer of my own. No digital pictures from the last 6 months.

If you read my last post you will see that my hard drive tanked. The info is unrecoverable. Completely.

Later the same day my host server lost the majority of my stuff. Just yesterday I saw what they recovered. At least it's a start.

Also, I can't find my copy of Dreamweaver or Photoshop. That prevents me from recreating and/or fixing anything.

Please do not (if anyone actually reads this) tell me to learn to back up my stuff. I think the lesson is finally learned.

I have my photos from December to February 16, 2005 backed up. I have anything I had printed on CD. The rest... GONE. GONE.

I had this amusing post I was planning about how this all came about and how someone kept driving the knife into me over and over during the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it still is stressing me out and the amusing part is gone. Luckily, death is finally receding.

Please excuse the many kinks in the works here. The many missing photos. The pages that give you garbage. I still can't fix anything. I should have new copies of the programs sometime this weekend and will spend at least some of next week getting things back online.

Thanks for your patience. Come visit again! (And let me know if you're still out there.)