Monday, September 26, 2005

More Horror!

I totally forgot the new Desperate Housewives was on last night.

I missed it.


Have I Mentioned Someone Is Trying To KILL ME?

Not lately?

Well, they are at it again.

You will never guess what happened when I turned on my computer last night... had a bit of stuff to do for work... any guesses?

No idea?

Just take a wild guess...

Nothing. Nothing happened. The screen slept. The mouse did nothing. The keyboard did nothing. The tower was quiet except a quiet hum of the fan.

The fan that is now not even working. I called HP last night. I was told they would call me back in 2-4 hours. They didn't.

I called back at 5:20 AM!!!! After an hour a year 10 minutes on hold I was told to do various things. For the next 40 minutes. What became of my careful direction following? The fan stopped working. Now? NOTHING happens.

Nothing, but I must send it back AGAIN.

I'm guessing now that I have just marked my bookmarks and organized and redone our finances and pictures and work stuff and everything else? I'm guessing it will be ALL GONE AGAIN.

All I have to say?

WHY? Why does this keep happening?

Friday, September 23, 2005


I did not lick any of the office supplies. I may have fondled a few.

I was v. restrained in my purchases and only came away with 2 extras not on my list.

Could you resist this or this?

Rochester Children's Book Festival

You all know (or will now anyway) that children's literature and literacy is near and dear to my heart. So! Anyone who will be in the Rochester, NY area November 5th must attend the Rochester Children's Book Festival.

It's fun! It's free! And there will be fabulous authors signing their books. Plus, activities for the kids and even treats for the teens.

So come.

As a bonus you could meet me as I will be volunteering. So, all of you thinking you weren't going to attend? I'll be there. Now you must come. (I won't stalk you. I promise.)

The info is up here:

Let me know if you'll be there so we can meet up. Or, if you have no desire to meet me? I can tell you how to avoid me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still no napping to be had...

Update on Tyler's broken finger:
He must keep it in a splint for a minimum of 2 weeks. That means no gymnastics. And although I know he loves it? Makes me give a little 'HURRAY!' for less activities to attend and plan for. In 2 weeks we go back and re-evaluate the finger.

This week has been a whirlwind of accomplishment. I've gotten so much done.

Until today.

Today? Nothing. I am sad (not feeling sad, I guess I should say, I'm pathetic). I'm also caught up on all my blog reading and other various web based activities I have been putting off. I even caught up on a few of the e-mails I owe. Although, to be honest? Still have lots more to do.

And tomorrow? I'm off to run errands.

The dog shall be groomed! The groceries bought! Office supplies licked sniffed fondled purchased! Things returned... etc, etc, so on and so forth.

Did I mention the office supplies? Do you understand that means a trip to Office Max? Where they sell office supplies? Like paper? And pens? And folders, binders, staplers, hole punchers, pencils, POST-IT notes!!! There is more too. So much more. Ahhhh... heaven.

Sorry about that. I love me some office supplies.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Real Post?

I know you all deserve a real post. And I really want to write one. I'm just not sure I have it in me right now. My mind has been swirling with thoughts. Things to-do, places to-go, things to-remember. So many things to remember. So many lists floating around the house and my purse.

I forget each year how busy September is. Not only is there lots of school stuff - meetings, papers to fill out, routines to acclimate to - but all the things I put off all summer - doctors' appointments, dog grooming appointments, cleaning, work. Then we must add all the extras - new job, new computer, broken finger (not mine, Tyler's). The list seems never ending.

Every time I think I'm caught up something else is thrown my way.

But such is life. And I do love it. Even though there are times I want to throw the blankets over my head and not emerge from bed. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!

So I've been prioritizing. Something I am only good at in theory. Do what needs to be done now and put the rest off until later. Needless to say, the house? Scary.

So meetings have been attended. Work has been done. Appointments kept. And new crisises met with a calm, if not resigned, manner. All is good.

I think. But what about the renovations on the house? What about your photographic work? What about the abomination you call your house? What about the fact you NEED A NEW ROOF and have no money to finance it? What about checking the children's homework - each and every page and problem, not just glancing to make sure it's done? What about the naps you promised yourself? The party in celebration of your new freedom?

HA! None of that is happening. And from the looks of my lists... none of it will be done soon.

Except? Today is dark and gray and rainy. And Tyler's doctor's appointment to check his broken finger isn't until 1:45. And the littles should be on the bus by 8:55. So maybe I'll take that nap after all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Guess I Have Lots to Say

I'm sitting here in the quiet of my home, working on the computer. The loveliness of quiet. I had forgotten its beauty.

As you can see, I made it through the summer. No major injuries or traumas. The biggest surprise was the stress my youngest was feeling in the week or so before school started. He is the last one I thought would be worried about making friends - and that was his concern - making new friends. He told us he was 'embarrassed'. Not nervous but embarrassed. He was worried the kids would laugh at him. Interesting considering he is a bit of a clown. He works at making people laugh. (and he's good at it) This has seemed to cause no lasting damage though.

The leaves are starting to change and I love the feeling of starting something new. Embarking on a new adventure, new weather (the best weather) and now a new job and a new computer and of course, new OFFICE SUPPLIES! It is the best of most worlds right now.

Of course this is counterbalanced by the horrors in the south. It is not something I even want to delve into here. This is my place of respite when I need it. And right now I need it.

I am coming out of an extremely stressful time and am still thanking God and scientists for modern medicine. I forgot to take my happy pills for almost 2 days - what with the upheaval and insane and ever changing schedules I must navigate these days - and instead of finding I was doing okay I discovered I am far from okay. I still need it - a lot. The breakdowns, outbursts and feeling of disconnection came flooding back.

This is not something I dealing well with. I'm just getting myself back together on the meds, I thought it would carry over when I go off them. I just want to know... what now? The doctor told me when I went on them that 6 months was a good length of time to be on them. We are going on a year and I'm apparently no closer to going off them. This is really doing damage to the the strong woman I thought I was. I feel dented and dinged and damaged somehow. I'm the one who is suppose to be strong and deal with anything. What happened?

Whew... sorry about that rant. Seems I've been away so long and had things bursting to get out. I didn't even realize what was bottled up waiting for my blogging days to begin again.

As for Zach starting school...
I was lunch monitor for an hour yesterday and an hour today.


I had a chance to see him with his new friends, as one of the big kids. It was very strange and disconcerting. He looks so old. He is so composed. It's as if he's been doing this for years. No fear. No uncertainty. I wish I felt the same.

As for how I've been filling all the free time I have... HA! Today is my 4th day home and I still have more work than time. I WILL have my day of celebration. Really, I've been planning it for years. My day of leisure is coming soon. Really. It is. I mean it.

Now... back to work. Only 1/2 hour until the kids arrive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm HERE!!!!

On my own computer.

In my own home.

Life is glorious!

Now to download and input all the necessary info...

If you don't hear from me in a week...

send in help!

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Still waiting...

Only seven more days until school starts. SEVEN. I hope I last that long. Or rather they last that long. They are once again trying to off each other. Annoying at best. SEVEN MORE DAYS...

I've been working. Yay! Things are moving along and I'm learning.

The computer front...
My brother has not sent a new hard drive as promised. Can't say I'm surprised. He tends to get busy and forget things. Can't blame him either.

I won a computer set up this summer. Yes, it's true. And amazing. And I really haven't been able to believe it. I kept saying I would when I saw it. Well, it arrived 2 days ago but something is wrong with the spot you plug the keyboard in. So, after a long call to customer service, I must now... *weeps* send it back. Whaaaaa!

Fed Ex is suppose to show tomorrow and pick the tower up. I'm hoping the thing comes back SOON. I really can't wait. My withdrawl is waning but I have so much to do and borrowing computers is such a pain for all involved.

So - to sum up...
  • Still beg, borrowing & stealing computers.
  • Kids are trying to kill each other (and me).
  • New job going well so far. (although I have not had to interact with the kids yet.)
  • Vacation to Long Island rocked.
Must go home now and strap children to beds.