Monday, October 31, 2005

The Halloween Parade

Here are the littles. Known to some as Zach and Dylan.

And now as Zorro and Glow-in-the-Dark Ninja.


*All children belonging to others have been cropped out.

More pictures tomorrow...

Almost Forgot...

The jack o' lanterns...

I think the children did a wonderful job! Just a bit of help from Mom and Dad. They designed their own faces on paper first and depending on age, carved their own pumpkins. As for the scooping? Dad did most of it. I was busy fashioning a cloak with my mother. Yes, this was Saturday night... what of it?

I came home to beautifully scooped pumpkins, and vomit stains. Apparently I have a child who finds pumpkin guts the utmost in grossness. Boogers don't bother him. Neither do bugs, dog poop or slime... just pumpkin guts.

Happy Halloween!

Today's the day. The candy fest. The costume extravaganza. The day children's dreams are made of...

Candy and costumes... ahhhh, heaven.

The pumpkins are carved. The candy is ready to hand out (minus what we ate last night). The kids have their costumes in their backpacks for school.

Today is a grand day.

I get to buy books at the book fair and then watch the littles in the Halloween parade at school...

did I mention this day is a little slice of heaven?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Photos!!!

Don't run and hide now. I finally got the camera back out and FINALLY downloaded my photos onto the computer today. (I would have done it yesterday but I LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE - Yes, it's true.)

Evidence of the Pinecone Wars:

Yes, the children have been having pinecone wars. Great fun - let me tell you. I don't quite see the fun of it but all the boys and the neighbors think this is the height of exciting entertainment. Well, at least it's free.

The boys' giant pumpkins from Nana & Denny's farm. Yes, they planted them themselves and No, I have no idea how to grow anything much less giant pumpkins.

They have just been put out front. The smaller of the pumpkins will be carved today. Shut up, it is not late on the carving front. We didn't want them to rot. Yes, that's the reason.

It must also be noted that my husband got a gnormous sliver of pumpkin under his fingernail while trying to move the pumpkins. It went all the way to the cuticle. If you want, I'll take a photo. But as of now I thought it better I don't.

For more autumn photos - of the more artist variety - go to the photoblog. I'm going now to add them...


I see I have lost a lot of the photos from the great loss of 2005. Someday I will go in and delete all the offending entries but for now... no time.

I'm going to try to start adding new pictures now. Soon. Someday.

Oh, I'll be working on that new header in the future too.

Also, I put all of our wish lists to the right in case you want to know what to get us for the holidays. All gifts are just ideas. Do with them what you wish. Gift Certificates are always welcome.

Thank you.

The End.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

In The News...

Last night I managed to catch a bit of the news (a very little bit) and had to say.... Noooooooo!

Well, I say that a lot when I watch the news. In fact, most stories leave me with that feeling. BUT. This particular story was about a gene identified in animals that when played with makes them live up to SIX TIMES AS LONG. And, they are still active and in good health at the end.

Let me repeat... SIX. TIMES. AS. LONG.

They are thinking that people have this same gene and we could someday live to be 500 years old. FIVE HUNDRED.

Now I for one say - thank God I shall be dead by the time they figure this out. Because 500 YEARS? Way too long in my book.

Also, the overpopulation? The restrictions on reproduction that will come from this? The scary sci-fi aspect of the whole thing?


What do you think? Would you want to live 500 years?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Miracle Happened Here

I spent 2 hours at Barnes & Noble last night.


I didn't buy anything.

(you knew it was coming)

Today I spent 3 hours helping set up the Scholastic Book Fair at the Primary School.

There are many books I want to buy.

The Rain

The rain. It will never stop. It has been raining FOREVER - FOR.EV.ER. people.

Really. I've wanted to photograph the leaves but the rain, the never ending rain, keeps pissing me off.

And yes, I'm going to say it, I wish it was snow. At least the dog wouldn't be soaked and muddy.

Besides, this will be his first snowfall. (assuming it snows in his lifetime - okay, I know I'm exaggerating here. In a few months I will be cursing the snow.) Should be fun to watch. I'll have to have the video camera ready. And pictures. Pictures of my cute little puppy in the snow.

I know you're all holding your breath in dread anticipation now!

Monday, October 24, 2005

No More Dizziness!

Wow! A couple of hours back on the medicine and the dizziness was gone. I had a migraine, but the dizziness was gone.

And now? I feel wonderful.

This is good because the weekend was jam packed with activities with the kids and work. The fun! The rain! The laundry!

Must get back to the laundry...

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Here!!!!

We are so getting it this weekend.
The kids are psyched. And so am I.

I also printed this out for the kids.
Guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the day...

The Dizziness - Make it STOP

I may have mentioned once or twice or 10,000 times that I started taking Lexapro last fall. I was in a deep depression and any and all side-effects were welcome if the drugs could just make me more me again.

Well, they did. And I felt better. I started therapy. And I felt even better. Then I was myself when my dose was increased.

So yay me!

Now my therapist has deemed me sane and stable. I'm me again.

So of course, I've fucked it all up.

I forgot to take my little pill of light for 2 days. And I felt fine. I felt great. I was still me.

No panic, no depression. Just walks with the dog and chores around the house and life, beautiful life.

So I decided to stop taking them. Permanently.

No weaning (I know you are suppose to but I'd already been off them for 2 days). No gradual decrease. I was off them and fine.

And now?

Not so fine. Mentally still me. Physically...

Help me!

The dizziness, the nausea, the numbness of the face. NOT GOING AWAY. It has been 4 days. I'm afraid to drive. The dizziness makes me nauseous. I need to lay down.

Today I finally found that this is caused by withdrawal from the Lexapro. Any suggestions?

**EDITED TO ADD: I spoke to the doctor's office. I need to start taking a 1/2 dose for 10 days. That will HOPEFULLY stop the dizziness. HOPEFULLY... let's hope!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Still a Geek

As I watched Boston Legal Tuesday night I was hoping for a lawyer like the one James Spader plays on TV to be part of the case. Of course, that didn't happen. But what fun if it would have.

Still, my geekiness showed itself when I was actually interested in the whole jury selection process. The questions they asked. The questionnaire you fill out. The people they did vs didn't pick. The sheer amount of time it takes to do all that. My God, the time!

I'm actually sad to say I was not chosen. Not even picked from the proverbial hat to be questioned. I wonder what they would have asked me. I wonder what random answer they would pounce on to question me further.

I also am sad to say that there does not seem to be much hope for the defendant. His lawyer reminded me of a limp fish. The prosecutor was gregarious and funny. And although I hope the facts of the case prevail (not sure if he should be found guilty or not) I never want that lawyer on my side. I'm not sure he could convince a child to eat chocolate.

In closing... after 6.5 hours, 42 interviews, 2 - 15 minute breaks, 1 - hour & 15 minute lunch break, 7 black belt Sudoku puzzles, and about 25 pages of my book a jury of 12 and 2 alternates was chosen. Then I got to go home.

Case closed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So Much for Yesterday

The laundry that was all done? There is more.

The dishes that were all done? There were more - but I did them.

The house? Still cozy, if not a bit cool. (I refuse to turn the heat up past 62 right now.)

The big plans of hanging with my mom today and doing nothing? Squashed!

I've been called to jury duty.

Will report back with all the excitement. (Stop laughing!) (I am bringing a book to read and my book of Black Belt Sudoku. I'm so addicted!) (And yes, you now know my true level of geekiness.) (Yes, more parenthesis.) (and still more.) (It's my blog.) (I can use as many as I want.) (So - HA!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today I have made my home comfy and cozy. I put down the storm windows and put in the storm doors.

I know, my life? So exciting.

I'm not sure what it is but the house always feels so much cozier and secure when we're all tucked in. Although, I suppose you really aren't tucked in when the storm windows are in. It just feels that way.

Also, the dishes are done, the laundry is done, the dog poop is picked up out of the yard...

My life is so GLAMOROUS!


Want a great read? Or a great read for your 9-12 year old?

Then go and pre-order this.

Okay, so it doesn't come out until April... but I read it a draft or so ago and it was spectacular then - so imagine now! I'll remind you in April. But do it now anyway. Won't it be a nice surprise when it shows up on your doorstep.

And BTW, Cindy is a fantastic person. You will love her as much as I do. So BUY HER BOOK!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kid Quote

Scene: Getting into his Nana's car to go to swim lessons.
DYLAN (age 7): "Nana, all the girls are craving me."

Friday, October 14, 2005

heidi needs...

I stole this from Cindy. Very fun. Doesn't take lots of time.

Type "[your name] needs" into a search engine.

Heidi needs her own site. - already have that

I think Heidi needs to understand that the Majority of the folks in that stateDO NOT agree with her. - I'm sure they don't.

Heidi needs to know that every man she meets is drooling over her. - All I can say is: hahahahahahaha...

I think Heidi needs someone to warm her up a bit, she seems cold. - lately

Heidi needs to tone down her foul language. - I know already!

What do YOU need?

Kid Quote

ZACH: "I love her, like a bunny loves a carrot."

*said in reference to a girl at school

Atrophy of the Writing Muscle

I've ignored my writing now for over a year. I've also given myself permission to do this since I was focused on things like photography and a new business and a new job. Also, the fact that my writing was going nowhere was a big help in this decision.

I have to say that writing this blog has kept my writing muscles, if not well honed, at least semi-active. What I've noticed is since being without a computer severely hampered my blog writing, now that I'm able to again? It is very hard. It's actually scary.

Let me illustrate the point:

Writing a note for one of the kids for school...
Worried about my grammar and spelling. And why don't pens have spell check? I'm fumbling with the words and wondering if the note - THE NOTE, PEOPLE - if it is making any sense. What if the teacher laughs at my poor spelling or grammar? What if it ends up on one of those lists people pass around on the internet?

All over a 3 line note.

Have I ever mentioned how sad (as in pathetic) I am? Also, has anyone noticed that 'note' just looks WRONG after you read it a few times??

So to conclude, please excuse my poor excuse for writing. I'm going to be practicing here. Hopefully it will - AT THE VERY LEAST - make it less painful to write notes for school. Sorry you all have to suffer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Autumn Skirts

I took the dog for a walk today.

It's chilly and wet. The trees looked like they had dropped their skirts in a swirl of color with all the different color circles intersecting here and there. Yellows and reds and plum.

I love this time of year!

Autumn Skirts

I took the dog for a walk today.

It's chilly and wet. The trees looked like they had dropped their skirts in a swirl of color with all the different color circles intersecting here and there. Yellows and reds and plum.

I love this time of year!

The Long Way Around

There is a expressway I drive on a few times a week on my way to work, various kid activities and such. There is one point when you crest a hill and you can see the Rochester skyline stretched out before you. It looks not quite close enough to reach out and touch but it is there. So clear. So close. You swear it will only take minutes more to reach it.

Every single time I crest this hill I think the same thing. Every single time. (I'm kind of afraid what this says about me.) It's so close.

The thing is, you don't drive straight there. To reach the city you must take another road. One that seems to lead you away from your destination. It curves around with no city in sight. Fields and trees and not much else to see. Then, just as you are convinced you are about to miss the city altogether you take a sharp left onto yet another road and there you are. In the city, with all it's welcome signs and horses painted in flag motifs.

I realized the other day that this is how my life has been playing out. You see the goal. It seems like a clear cut path but then... WAIT, sidetracked onto another road, heading in a different direction. WAIT, go this way. No, that way. When it seems you have lost sight of the goal, it is suddenly there before you with it's welcome signs and horses on their hind legs, parts exposed.*

That is my life. And now, looking back a bit, I've decided I like it that way. Much more interesting. Much more opportunity to learn new things. Much more experience to draw on.

At the same time, I'm still wanting to take that straight path. The one that will take me to my goal in just a couple of minutes. Even when I know it is not for the best. Even when I know that my life was meant to be spent meandering back and forth and forward and back. The goal seems to change and yet pops up again when you least expect it. It's so AGGRAVATING!!!

I guess this is one of those constant struggles we all deal with. What we want and what we know is for the best.

Is there a struggle like this that you deal with? Let me know in the comments section or link to your own post about this subject.

*Only those from the Rochester area will get this reference. For the rest of you click here.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello? Do I have the Right Number?

What? A new post? Am I at the wrong place?

No. I'm back. My computer is back. With a new VGA card. With all my data still intact.

Yes, It's true. YAY!!!!

Ok, I just found out my Office data is all gone. So... blech! All those addresses I entered must now be re-entered. Do I have them written down you ask? Printed out?

Of course not.

Plus, I've found a few other things that need to get back on track. So, still a load of stuff to do.

But? I've got my computer back. YAY!!!!