Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Extreme Busy-ness

Life has picked up speed these past few weeks. It's starting to get a bit annoying. I for one like to have a busy week now and then but I also like a week of breathing time in between. crazy busy, catch up on the mundane, restful, crazy busy, catch up on the mundane, restful, etc. It has been crazy busy for at least the last two weeks, now going into the third crazy busy week. No signs of it letting up.

We got the puppy and I had to prepare for New Hampshire. Got back and had to catch up and get ready for my first (unsuccessful) art sale. Now I must catch up and get ready for Girls' Weekend. This is the first year it is at MY house. My shambles of a house. ACK! What was I thinking? The cleaning alone is going to do me in.

Not that I'm not excited to host. I've been wanting to do it for a while. It's just that now it's here - I'm panicking. What if my scheduled activities are dull? What if they don't like the meals I plan? What if I've exhausted myself getting ready and am dead when they arrive?

On the other hand, I've known these women since college. Going on 17 years. We just want to get together and have a good time catching up. Besides, they KNOW me. I'm sure they'll be happy with clean sheets and a few glasses of a strong beverage. I doubt they expect much more.

As for today, we have an orthodontist appointment and kindergarten screening. When am I suppose to finish the vestibule? My goal was Girls' Weekend. That may not happen now.

Another thing... if I start cleaning now I will just have to redo everything before my guests arrive. So let's just say Friday is bound to be a nightmare. I hope I'm still breathing when the girls arrive.

And lastly, before I hop into super-duper Mom-in-motion time-to-get-ready-for-school mode, the cutest, most adorable puppy on earth is chewing on EVERYTHING. The worst thing is his favorite chew toy seems to be the children. They are not enjoying it at all. Now I know why he is so cute. Luckily I found a certain chew stick that he will abandon all else for. Unluckily, it is EXPENSIVE. V. expensive. Bought without realizing the price until the cashier at the grocery triple checked it because it is so ludicrously priced. I bought them anyway and said I hope he enjoyed them because I'm never buying them again...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Art Sale (or lack there of)

So you want to know how it went?

Not so good. But! I met a great woman in the booth next to me. She was selling her weaving and is now focusing on watercolors. Beautiful watercolors. You should totally check out her work. Now. Go here.

As for the rest of the sale?

Let's just say, I sold nothing.

I was sandwiched between the weaver and an 80 year old woman who quilts and paints rocks, garden stakes, etc. (I hope to be that productive and spry at 80! Although just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.) Both sides were engaged in conversation about their wares. Both sides sold items. I was given the occasional nod or hello. Did I mention those were only occasional? I think three people commented on my photos. THREE. PEOPLE.

The winds came. The big, dark, scary clouds blew in. Cold. V. cold wind. Couple of rain droplets. Soon, I was out of there. I will say I stuck it out longer than about 1/2 of the other booths. But the cold finally did me in. That and no one was coming to shop. Or look.

NOTE to self: It may not be wise to wield a hammer (even a small one) while wanting people to look at your work.

Send Me Your Happy Thoughts

I knew I would miss it. It was bound to happen. My first blogiversery was Wednesday. YAY!

Granted, there are times it has sucked the big one. There are also times I question why I'm doing it. And who is my intended audience. And what should I share and what should I keep to myself. But as in most of my life (and art) I'm doing what I always do... letting it evolve on it's own. A work in progress. Things always seem to work out better that way.

In other news...
My entry into the public eye is today. This meaning, of course, my real person, in the flesh, out there to be scorned and shot down face-to-face. I must set-up for the sale in THREE. HOURS.

Scary. And the work isn't finished.

Now you are asking - Why is she blogging when she should be getting ready?

Well first, anyone who blogs knows why. Obviously I am procrastinating a bit. And what better way to do that then blow off some tension on the ol' blog?

Second, look at the time. FIVE: TWENTY-ONE. That is EARLY people. My fingers are not yet working. The caffeine is not yet to the brain. I figure the typos are easy enough to fix. Mat cutting... not so much. Oh, and with my luck and the state of my coordination at this moment, I might lose a finger or two.

Now, if you are asking why the work isn't finished. Why didn't I stay up half the night working? I'll tell you...

Last night I had a trip to the emergency room with Zach. He is fine. Not to worry. I overreacted. Which happens occasionally. Not often. But it does happen. And here I go admitting my mortification to the whole internet. (I told you the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.)

His toe was run over by the neighbor boy's 'motorcycle'. The boy is seven so the motorcycle is more of a motorized, lightweight bike. But still. There was much blood. A severe lack of skin on the end of the toe. And yes, those were his screams that you heard around 5:30 pm EST.

He was LOUD. And it lasted an unusually long period of time (for him). And when I asked him to move it the walls shook and plaster crumbled and car alarms went off. The doctor suggested an x-ray.

As I got in the car Jeff told me it was nothing. I would be paying for them to clean it out. Well, he was right. Of course. We soaked his foot in soapy water. (At this point I realized my foolish ways.) They did some x-rays. Then came the bacitracin and a bandaid. I am too lame for words.

Needless to say... I went to bed when I got home. After eating half the kitchen.

And a bit of trivia...
It seems this is the time of year for injury in this house. One year ago today Dylan got his stitches. Now you can barely see the scar. Unless he smiles. Then he has a huge dimple. Too cute.

And now...
I must get on to the work. Keep your fingers crossed that I still have fingers when you read this. They still aren't working properly but time is running out.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Things have been mad I tell you. Just MAD.

Right now I have many young boys running around. Both of the human and canine variety. It is crazy.

I've also been matting photos and making cards. Still so much to do before tomorrow. (Have I mentioned I'm doing a craft show? Tomorrow?) It is actually called a 'art and lawn sale'. Come to find out that means people will be holding their yard sales all in the same place. Not a promising place for selling art.

Oh, well. Good practice and all. The other two shows I'm doing are in July. Gives me time to perfect my craft.

Must give a shout out to my friend Janine. I'm fairly certain she doesn't read my blog but in case... THANK YOU!!! The mat cutter has been a life saver. It is going so well. I've only messed up one mat so far. (The first one) ONE. I rock! (and so do you)

Now I must get back to my dining room table which is COVERED with supplies. 24 hours until set up time...

Thursday, May 26, 2005


How do the towels for drying your CLEAN,
JUST. WASHED. hands get so filthy?
(and by this I mean the towels the kids use)

On second thought, don't tell me.
The explanation is just too frightening to contemplate.

Friday, May 20, 2005

FIVE HOURS - Arrrghhhh!

Blogger is refusing to publish my posts. I know they are bad but Please. Are they really THAT bad?

Anyway, I've decided to write to you all again and watch them refuse me. I'm hoping the annoyance will cause me to have some more energy for my journey today. Yes, if you read the post below this you will realize I'm leaving. For the weekend. New Hampshire - here I come!

It will probably be Monday before you can all read about my getting ready for the trip. And by then I will be back.

I'm leaving in FIVE. HOURS. I am not ready. Haven't even pulled out the suitcase. Ahhhhh!

Off to make COFFEE. Nectar of the Gods. I need you!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Puppy

We got the puppy Monday night and there has been much discussion of names. It is extremely difficult to get 4 boys, 1 husband, and 1 mother to all agree on one name. Also, we have been trying to get a feel for the little guy's personality to boot. (And no, we are not calling him boots. The mother (that would be me), demands a tiny bit more original name.)

So now for the unveiling...

Maxadoodle. As in Max, King of the Wild Things - adoodle, as in, he is too cute for such a strong, short, un-cute name. He may also be called Max (by the husband), Maxadoodle (by the majority of boys & Mom), and Shnookie (by Zach who is refusing to bend.)

As for his stats: He is a cockapoo. He is six weeks old. He is a he. He will only go potty in the grass and he gets up every 2 hours at night and cries in his crate FOREVER (10-30 minutes) after each potty break.

Maxadoodle: lots - he is sleeping on my feet right now.
Parents: v. little

Monday, May 16, 2005

Toothless Ninja

My ninja lost his first tooth yesterday. It was very loose. Then his brother stepped on his head and it fell out. Figures.

And the tooth fairy even remembered to show up!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

To Do Update

I know you've all been dying to know how my to-do list has gone. You have, haven't you? No? Well, too bad. Click away if you must.

Since I'm writing this instead of a decent post you'll have realized my goal of finding something interesting to write about has not been met. Actually, things have crossed my mind and quickly been banished to make room for baseball schedules and field trip schedules and all those other Spring time/child related things. As for some of the other goals...

I did do the dishes, get caught up on the laundry and sand the vestibule floor.

I even mowed the weeds lawn before the rains came.

I also returned the library books, started the kitchen floor (No, I didn't finish it. Who do you think I am? Wonder Woman? Super Cleaner Lady? HA!), started sanding the front door and went to a movie with Alex (National Treasure - fun, fun, fast moving).

I am still waiting for mats and photos and still taking photos (although not as many).

I also bought myself a new shirt and pair of pants to fit my huge ass & chest for the upcoming conference. (No, nothing - I mean NOTHING - fits anymore. Not even the fat pants.)

As for eating? One good day, one bad. No way to tell yet how it will all pan out. I am considering attending a Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Has anyone ever been to one? Anyone willing to tell me what it's like? (You can e-mail me privately if you want.)

Jeff and I also cleaned the two littles' room yesterday and set up one of the bunkbeds. We also realized we need a couple more items before setting up the other. So no bunkbeds until a later date. Their room is clean and rearranged though. All in all - all good. (Could I say all a few more all times?)

Must go locate the littles. They have been abducted by the neighbor boys and the sky is darkening as we speak I write type. It is looking v. dark and sinister out right now. Must rescue them from impending doom. (It's the sky. I swear. Making me feel like the end is near.)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

To Do

I can't believe the weekend is creeping up on me already. Wasn't it just the weekend yesterday? No? Seems that way. I haven't accomplished v. much this week. No real excuse either. I think I've been spending too much time eating and putting on weight to be productive. Not a positive direction at all.

Today is gymnastic day. Tomorrow the kids have a 1/2 day of school. Then... the weekend. Not looking good for productivity. I think it's time for a super-duper to-do list.

  1. Dishes. I have a sink full. It really is time to wash them. And run the dishwasher.
  2. Laundry. I'm sure there is a load or two lurking around.
  3. Kitchen floor. Don't even ask. Scary.
  4. Library. Return books. Find missing book.

Home Improvement:
  1. Sanding. The door and floor need some work.

  1. Keep taking pictures. All I've been doing.
  2. Wait. Waiting for delivery of mats. Waiting for prints to be done.

  1. Make arrangements to spend time with Alex.

  1. Think of interesting blog topic. Severe shortage lately. Have resorted to SAD to-do lists instead of actual writing.
  2. STOP. EATING. Everything in sight.

You (if you've made it this far and are still awake):
Check out the photoblog. Tell me what you think of today's picture/collage.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Wanted to wish all the Moms out there
a Happy Mother's Day!
Especially my Mom...
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Friday, May 6, 2005

Looking at the Weekend

The weekend begins...

And with it comes a meeting at school, baseball, temple, penny carnival, more baseball, gymnastics, mitzvah day at sunday school, and of course, Mothers' Day.

Have I planned or prepared for Mothers' Day? No. Do I have cards for the mothers? No. Gifts? No. Don't I have another week or so to think about this? No.

Also, I have to plan my annual Girls' Weekend. This year it's at my house. I need activities people! There aren't even any good festivals here that weekend. What to do?

And, I want to finish the vestibule by then. (NO, it is STILL. NOT. DONE. Leave me alone.) The door needs more stripping. The floor needs more sanding. Then comes the staining, poly-ing, molding. Aaaahhhhhh! Only 4 weeks to go.

Speaking of weeks to go...
I just realized I only have 2 weeks until I go to my children's writing conference in New Hampshire. Think I can lose 15 pounds by then? No? I just want to fit in my nicer/cooler clothes. Right now NOTHING fits. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! (sorry about all the screaming)

Must go clean up the house. Long busy weekend ahead and the kids will be arriving soon.

But first - YAY! for friends. Zach has been playing nicely for almost THREE HOURS with his friend from preschool. I made some lunch and they have been on their own the rest of the time. (In fact, they have been talking nonstop for the last hour outside. I don't know what they're saying but I can hear the chatter through the screen door.)

Wait! There are three of them. They've multiplied.

Oh, it's just the neighbor. For all I care there could be 20 of them. As long as they play that nicely and keep themselves busy.

Have a nice weekend all!

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Hello, Remember Me?

I'm here. Bet you thought I'd taken off. Escaped. Ran away to a place with no children...

But no! I didn't. I've been busy. Yes, really. And every time I think of something to blog about, I forget. Did I mention I've been busy? No time to blog? No time to try to remember what to blog about.

But now, now I'm still busy (YAY!). But now, now I've too many forgotten ideas - ideas hanging on the edge of my conscious - to not blog. Time to try to get it all out. Or at least a mention of what has been racing - yes racing - through my mind. (Please do not be concerned about a part of me racing. I know it doesn't seem like me but occasionally my mind will race with thoughts. If I tell you my BODY is racing - then you may call my physician and initiate an intervention.)

The weather: It is cold and damp and Spring seems to have abandoned us. WHY? I miss the warmth and sun and Springiness. The tulips are up but won't open. It has been TWO. WEEKS. of this weather. IT. MUST. STOP.
The work: I have been working on photo business stuff. Pricing and costs and research of permits and sales tax info, etc, etc. I'm loving it. I love all the organization.
I also set up a pricing page and a photo index of most of my digital photos. I still have the photoblog but now if you are looking for a photo to fit your decor or a certain type of flower, it is a bit easier. You can browse through the index (25 thumbnails per page) and when you see something that might work you can click on it to link to the page and see it full size/uncropped.
Of course I haven't really worked on my website (other than the blogs) in over a year. So I forgot everything I learned then. It was like starting from scratch. The plus? I could copy and paste from other places on the site then tweak. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.
The family:
Conversation with my hubby:
HIM: "He's just obstinate."
ME: "Sometimes. Like his father."
HIM: "Not all of it comes from me. Some of it's from you, you know."
ME: "No, I think not. Not the obstinate thing."
HIM: * sounding very obstinate* "Yes."
ME: "You're doing it right now."
HIM: *laughing... HARD*
ME: "Stop laughing at me."
HIM: *laughing at me more* "I'm not laughing at you."
ME: "You're not laughing with me. I'm not laughing."
HIM: "Yes, but you're funny."
ME: "Yes, but you are a pain in the ass."
HIM: "Yes, but you're funny."
ME: "I'm so blogging this."
The epiphany:
Receiving validation on your [thoughts/feelings/beliefs/actions] from someone [not related to you/has experience in the area/is a professional in the area] does a lot for your confidence and self worth. It also frees the spirit.

Another epiphany:
I do not rule my children with an iron fist. It seems to be made of aluminum foil. Sad but true. The do not respond AT. ALL. anymore. Instead they dent and ding it every time I try to engage them in anything they do not wish to do. (getting up/going to bed, picking up their dishes, eating/not eating, etc.) EVERYTHING. Soon I'm expecting them to refuse to breathe. I'm in deep trouble.

I know there was more but that's all I've got right now. I hope to be around more now. I think that was the longest I've ever gone without blogging - and I'm not liking it.